It doesn't matter what people say, first impressions mean a lot. I found this out over the 10 year period from seventeen years old when I lost my hair and it grew back again only to loose it again five times. Being somewhat of a naturalist I refused wigs and wore a variety of head scarves and hats during the times I was...[read more of this letter from Carolyn]


I would like to tell you how thrilled I am with my soft suction base wig. It has exceeded my hopes and I couldn’t be happier. It is so natural looking that even hairdressers do not realise it's a wig. I can't express how wonderful it is to feel like a ‘normal’ person.[read more of this letter from Lingella]


Martine has an expert eye for checking that the mould is accurate and comfortable, she has great advice to share about hair colour and styles. She is abundantly giving of her time and goodwill so that you are made to feel totally comfortable and well at ease in her presence.

Martine is a wonderful representative for Freedom Wigs as her natural talent with helping people is obvious on first contact with her...[read more of this letter from Mina]


The turning point came when I was holding my 6 month old daughter and I was at a cousin's church wedding. After the ceremony I was outside talking to a friend when this obnoxious male cousin of my cousin came up to me and said, "What lovely curly hair your daughter has, where does she get it from and I said that it comes from my side of the family and I remember his reply to this day, shattering my whole world, he said " she certainly doesn't get it from you, you're bald", I felt all eyes on me as some people couldn't believe what they just heard...[read more of this letter from Rose-Anne]


I have been wearing a Freedom suction wig for the past 1 and 1/2 years and so far I am extremely happy with the product. Being a young and active person, I really felt a loss of freedom with the loss of my hair. However, since purchasing a Freedom wig I feel that sense of freedom has been restored.[read more of this letter from Maire]

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