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We know what you are looking for in a wig

SECURITY - A perfect fit is achieved by using a mould made from your head. The resulting base creates a suction that allows you to maintain a normal lifestyle, swim, play sports, there are no limits.

COMFORT - The base is made of a silicone material and is soft and thin. It is so light you will forget you are wearing a wig.

LIFELIKE - Most importantly other people can't tell you are wearing a wig, it is up to you who you tell about your hair loss. The unprocessed human hair is finely implanted into the skin-like base (even this is colour matched to your own skin colour).
The specialised manufacturing technique implants each hair one at a time, creating a lifelike scalp, and an even spread of hair; this ensures a natural appearance, natural feel, and natural movement.

SERVICE - Not only do we have hair loss ourselves, but we have met with many others and understand your needs. Our personalised service is delivered with discretion, privacy, and attention to detail.
We understand the close link between personal appearance and self esteem. We listen to your lifestyle needs and guide you through the design process.

INDIVIDUAL NEEDS - One of the amazing qualities about Freedom Wigs is, at the time of ordering, you are able to specify what hairstyle you want. If you have a partcilar style in mind - for example, you may want the style you had before losing your hair, or a totally new look that you've seen elsewhere - then Freedom Wigs can tailor make the wig to suit your needs. Presenting a picture with the order is a great way to communicate your ideas.


Style attributes you can specify

Hair Colour Match your original colour, or choose from 17 colours, which can be mixed to create any shade you desire. The stylist can add streaks or highlighting effects if needed, during your styling appointment.
Hair Type Straight, slight movement, light curl, heavy curl (or even permed during your styling appointment).
Length Any length up to 16 inches
Density Light, light/medium, medium
Part location Left, centre, right
Crown location Left, centre, right
Scalp colour 6 tones to choose from
Implanting The hair is implanted in the direction and density needed to create the style you want.
Grey hair Grey hair can be added at varying percentages in any part of the wig, eg; front, temples, sides.

How a Freedom Wig is made

To make a Freedom Wig, we need to make a plaster mould of your head. This helps us achieve your hairline shape, crown and parting, and also ensures a perfect fit for suction. The plaster mould is then made into a non-irritating silicone base, which will be tinted to match your skin colour. Your choice of hair is then implanted into the base one hair at a time. All Freedom Wigs are made of the highest quality European hair.

We do take careful consideration of the direction and density of hair implantation to achieve your desired style.

As you can see each wig is completely tailor made to suit you.

Styling, care and maintenance

Upon arrival, the vacuum fit hair prosthesis is ready for cutting and styling.

These wigs act as natural hair, and we try to use and encourage the use of gentle and conditioning styling products.

We recommend you wash your wig every 7 to 10 days and we can provide you with the best products to look after your wig.

With proper care and maintenance the life expectancy of the hairpiece is conservatively estimated at 2 - 3 years.

Expected delivery time

You can expect to receive your Freedom Wig approximately 3 - 4 months after your order is placed.


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